Mileage Tracking for 2017 Made Easy

To put it plain and simple, tracking our expenses is a pain in the butt! One of the hardest for me is my mileage. I’ve tried notebooks in the car to write on…then I lose them. I’ve tried recording it on my calendar and then I forget. I’ve spent years losing out on mileage write-offs.

But recently, I have discovered MileIQ. Its an app on your phone (Apple Store and Google Play) that tracks your mileage for you. And best part is… Its Simple!!!

The phone detects movement/acceleration and each time you stop, the app will pop up and ask you if your trip was for business or personal. You just swipe right or left to categorize it and Voila! You’re Done! The app will email you monthly with your totals in a downloadable spreadsheet. You can even go back in and re-categorize ones you may have missed.

It can even go into more depth and you can add expenses and notes to that trip… Its really a pretty awesome system.

The cost is also very affordable, especially when you consider how many headaches you’ll be saving! $59.99/year or $5.99/month. The free version only allows 40 trips/logs and we all know we drive way more than that! One warning I do have, is it runs constantly in the background so it will use your battery more than you may be used to, so when you’re on vacation or taking time off I suggest turning the notifications off…just don’t forget to turn them back on when you’re back at work.

I hope this helps you a little and saves you money with Uncle Sam in 2017!

Amy Dritley, Marketing Coordinator

Mileage Tracking for 2017 Made Easy

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