Talk To Me Baby!

For those of you that know me, you know I’m pretty much an open book. And if you really know me, you know that just a few hours ago I crossed an item off my bucket list!

Tonight I rode the Taco Ride. Its a 20 mile bike ride. People do it every week. To most its not a big deal, but to me it was a huge step. I had been wanting to do the Taco Ride for years but was terrified. I could barely ride 3.5 miles without huffing and puffing and once I started training I could not go farther than 9 miles.

But you want to know my secret to actually crossing that item off my list? I TOLD PEOPLE! I made sure everyone around me knew it was a goal of mine. I recruited people to to go with me. I told people I would document my journey online. And before I knew it, I had people coming up and asking me about when I was doing it and how training was going. Now I HAD to do it. I couldn’t back down because everyone would know if I did. And I did it!

So to get down to it…today’s tip is to SPEAK UP! Share your goals with those around you. Create a circle of motivating, inspiring, encouraging people that got your back and can’t wait to see you succeed.

Do you have a goal of closing 30 loans next quarter? Tell your sphere and ask them to help you reach your goal. Do you have a goal of hiring an amazing team member? Tell those around you and ask who they know.

Whatever your goal…let others know. People want to see you succeed. I almost quit. I almost quit several times. I had every good excuse ready to not even start tonight. Then I almost quit a few times on the trail. I was even given a free way out to not have to ride back. But I had an amazing colleague riding with me who pushed me and encouraged me and I could not have made it without her. Why was she there? Because I had told her my goal and she offered to help. She wanted to see me succeed.

So to recap…Talk To Me Baby! Talk to everyone! Share your goals with your mentors, your sphere of influence, your family and whoever else is willing to listen!

Happy Networking!
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Talk To Me Baby!

Do You Know What You Bring To The Table?

I’ve been learning a lot lately about self worth and believing in myself and my abilities. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Sometimes we forget the power that our experience and connections have. Sometimes we forget to give ourselves kudos for even the small accomplishments we’ve achieved. And sometimes, we let those around us minimize our value and we just sit there and accept it.

Do you know what you bring to the table? Do you really know your value? Why did your boss hire you? She obviously saw value in you. Why did your spouse marry you? He saw something very valuable in you. Why do people join and stay within your networking sphere? Because they know the value you can bring to them.

Value is not always something tangible. Sometimes its knowledge and power. Like helping those around you find new careers through your connections. Or being a reference on a job to help someone advance to their new role. Maybe giving a testimonial solidifying someone else’s value. Maybe connecting two professionals to create a powerful referral network.

Maybe your value is the fact that you’ve been in the industry for 13 years and you have all (or most) of the answers. Maybe you’re the one that comes in the office smiling everyday and brightens up the room. Maybe your value is the fact that your reputation always proceeds you (in a good way) and people want to get to know you. Maybe your value is the way you communicate and build trust with your clients.

Whatever your value is, KNOW IT! Write it down. Look at the list in your mirror every day. Don’t let others knock it down because they don’t understand or don’t value it themselves. Don’t let others dismiss your value and make you feel worth less, even if they don’t realize they are doing it. Walk the fine line between confident and cocky. Hold your head high. Know that because of you 5 people found new careers last year, that because of you 2 business connections have flourished, that because of you a deal was able to be made when no one else thought it could be, that because of a referral you passed someone hit their goal this month, that you were put in the position you are today because of the value you bring the company you represent.

Know what you bring to the table and most importantly, believe it yourself.

Happy Networking!
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Do You Know What You Bring To The Table?