Is It Really All About “The Little Things” That Matter?

YES! It really is! It really truly is all about the little things that matter when it comes to growing your business and keeping referral relationships. I work every single day with agents and I always ask them “what matters most” and 99% of the time their answer is “communication”. This week, I saved a relationship solely on the fact that our communication is better.

Here’s just a few tips, that I know you’ve heard before, to keep your relationships going. (These are real estate specific, but you can easily adjust for your specific industry, change Agent to Client) Hopefully this is a reminder, or trigger, to help you make a difference in today’s competitive industry:

  1. Call With Updates; Even if there’s no update. Agents want you to know that you are working on their files, all the time. Even if you think your client is updated, make sure the agent has the same update
  2. Touch Base; Just to touch base. Pick up the phone and call people. I know it sounds scary, but just do it. Tell them Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Hump Day, Congrats on your closing, Thank you for that referral, How was your weekend, How was your trip, I miss you.
  3. Rewarding Referrals. Immediately after the referral is given, whether or not the referral does business with you. Write a handwritten note thanking them. Then keep them updated if the referral does pan out and send them another thank you when you close business with the referral.
  4. Answer The Phone; Return Phone Calls. Unless you’re with someone, or at a meeting, answer your phone when they call. Stop what you are doing and give them the attention they deserve.
  5. Education is Everything. Share your knowledge. Even if it’s not business specific. Maybe you learned a new facebook ad hack, or maybe you learned a new term, or maybe you have a new program you can bring to them. Show them that you are always learning and growing and willing to share.
  6. Inclusion. Invite them to your events, team outings, happy hour, golf course or just grab coffee. Get to know them and their family. Make your relationship personal.
  7. Most importantly, Be Genuine. Seriously. You can sniff out a fake and so can they. If you truly want a relationship with this person then show it. Be you. Be real.


Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley, Marketing Coordinator

Is It Really All About “The Little Things” That Matter?