Go Ahead, Brag a Little

One thing I often hear from folks is “I don’t want to bug my friends with my business” or “I’m not one to brag about myself” however, I try to remind people daily that

Successful people want to do business with successful people.

This is why you need to share your successes. Reminding your sphere that you are good at what you do is totally acceptable. That’s probably why they are in your sphere in the first place.

Here’s some ideas of ways to brag about yourself in a successful way:

  • Post a picture of your closings or completion of transactions
  • Share reviews or testimonials you receive, make sure to thank the person giving the review
  • Post a picture of awards or achievements you’ve received and thank those who have helped make it happen
  • Share when you have completed a goal; personal or business
  • Invite others to join you in hitting goals or set a mission statement into action
  • “Check In” on social media when you are working on training or building your business
  • Keep track of your success. How many people have you help? How quickly do you solve their problems? How much business have you been able to refer out? The SHARE those numbers!

Success is contagious, share it!

Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley, Marketing Coordinator

Go Ahead, Brag a Little