Time Flys When You’re Learning Lessons

I can not believe it has been 1 year since switching careers to the real estate industry. This transition was one of the scariest times in my life. I was leaving an organization I had helped run for the last 5 years, I was becoming a full-time employee instead of a contract worker and I was entering an industry I knew very little about. All I knew was that I was ready for a change and was going to be working with some pretty awesome people.

Its been a pretty great year of lessons. Ones I’ve learned from mistakes, ones from mentors, a few from my son and even a few from my enemies. But all in all, its made the year fly by and I wouldn’t change a thing.

So I thought I would share a few of those lessons and maybe they will come in handy for you in 2017;

  1. Ask questions. If you’re trying to see a situation from another person’s view. If you’re trying to get them to see your view. If you just don’t understand why someone would or would not do something. Repeat their answers back to them, people don’t always communicate what they are really trying to say.
  2. Pick your battles. Those that want help will take it, those that don’t won’t. You can’t force yourself on others if they are not ready to allow you in. This includes 9 year old boys that just can’t seem to wrap their head around folding laundry the right way.
  3. Be a resource. Be there for people in as many ways as possible. Even if their need is not income producing for you right now, help them find a solution and they will remember you.
  4. Approach with caution. Its fun to jump right in and be a part of something, but it may not always be the right something. Do a little digging first and make sure its worth your time. This is helpful when looking at joining organizations, clubs, affiliations, volunteering and even PTOs.
  5. Only wear one face. Be you, and only you. Don’t change your morals, opinions and character depending on who you’re trying to please at the time. People will respect you for this.
  6. Trust is earned not given. Much like respect, you may have to do a little leg work and prove your loyalty. Even when you think its understood don’t assume. Prove.
  7. Less is more. When typing an email. When responding to a situation. When leaving a voicemail. Leave out any words that may be questioned or turned around. Get to the point.
  8. Momentum creates momentum. Keep going. Don’t give up. Set a goal…hit it and hit it again and again and again. Use time management systems to work on your goal every single day. Do little things that no one else is doing. Thank those that are helping you hit your goals. Create bigger goals.
  9. Clean your sphere. Surround yourself with positive people. Duh, I know. But sometimes you don’t even see the negative blood suckers around you.  Keep out the ones that bring you down, or lie, or don’t add to your success.  Then…embrace your biggest cheerleaders. Lift each other up. Motivate one another. Build you’re own support system.
  10. Have Fun. Whatever you do, however you’re doing it, if you’re not having fun its a waste of your short, sweet life. Make a change and move forward.

Well there you go, I narrowed it down to 10. I could go on and on. But looking back now, what I have truly learned is that if you stop learning and having life experiences you may as well roll over and give up. Cuz ain’t no body got time for that.

Happy Networking!

Time Flys When You’re Learning Lessons

Everywhere You Go, There You Are

Have you ever looked back on situations/relationships/jobs/friendships in your life and  come to the realization that YOU were the common denominator? Its a harsh concept to accept when you narrow down all the moving parts and pieces to a situation and come to the awakening that YOU are the reason a plan failed, or a friendship ended, or a relationship changed.

Taking that long look in the mirror sometimes sucks. I personally have a really hard time with looking myself in the eyes. It may be insecurities, it may be humility, it may be shame. But no matter what I do, I’m always there. Same goes for you. We will always be our own worst enemy, our own shadow, our own critic, but most of all our own cheerleader!

That’s right…YOU are your own worst enemy AND your own best cheerleader. If you don’t believe in yourself who will?

With 2017 fast approaching, it may be time to gaze a little longer into that mirror. Are you who you want to be? Could you be friendlier to the barista? Could you give a little more at church? Could you be more task oriented? Could you make more time for your family? Could you buckle down and make those 10 cold calls a day? Could you be better at returning emails? Could you be ‘that girl’ that runs all the 5ks? Just because you’ve told yourself “I’m just not that type of person” doesn’t mean you can’t ever be THAT person.

What do you want people to think of when they think of you? Do they smile? Do they cringe? Do they even know who you are?

I challenge you to think of 3 things you want to change about yourself and make that change. This isn’t a resolution. This is a change. A permanent change in YOU. For YOU. Because let’s face it, Everywhere You Go, There You Are.


Everywhere You Go, There You Are