Just When You Think No One is Looking

Its so hard to stay “on” all the time. Between work, and family, and kids, and exercise, and friends, and goals, and yard work and that never-ending laundry…its so hard to keep up on a marketing plan. Its all fun and dandy in the beginning. Its exciting and motivating until….BUZZ.. the dryer is done and calling your name.

Believe me, I am just as guilty as you are as letting my marketing plans get pushed aside for so many reasons. I can give you the best advise and I won’t even follow it myself because well…its all about discipline and I think we all struggle a bit with that.

Think about it. Did you set goals at the beginning of the year? Did you make a dream board? Did you time block your marketing in your planner? Me too. Yet, off the wagon I fell and I fell hard! I have huge plans of finishing my book this year (did you even know I was writing one?). I have time blocked to write 1 blog post a week. I have a list of live training videos I want to record. Yet, there I sat, binge watching everything on Netflix I could find, probably, deep down, to avoid doing the hard work it takes to accomplish my goals.

There’s a little bit of fear that I have…the fear of success. I know it sounds dumb. But what if I really DO finish my book? Then what? What if I get called to do speeches and trainings. Or what if I don’t? Then what? There’s all sorts of excuses we all make for not taking those steps to accomplishing our goals.

Well… Just when you think no one is looking… you get a wake-up call. At least I did! A big one… actually 2 in about 2 week’s time!

First… I was at an event and I was complimenting someone on the great marketing she was doing. She was building a great presence, she was being consistent and I thought that was great. Then… she called me out. She probably didn’t realize she did, but she told me how I had motivated her to do all her marketing and politely said “when are you going to do another training”?

GULP~ I felt like an idiot! I had completely fell off the track and hadn’t even thought about getting back on! I had great excuses but none of them were good ones. I shook my head in shame (again, she probably didn’y even notice) and told myself… GIRL… get back up!

My second wake-up call came just last week. I ran into a colleague that made the jump and left his employer to start his own business. I was SO proud of him! I just knew he made the right decision and would be awesome. In the same breath of him sharing his news with me, he asked when I would be doing more trainings and when I would come speak to his new sales team. Again… my heart sunk a little. Here I had helped inspire him and then I stopped. Why would I do that?

My heart sunk because I had set out on a mission to help others and just when I didn’t know they were looking…I stopped. I made other things, unnecessary things a priority and I stopped helping others. How selfish!

These were the wake-up calls I needed!!! I have re-prioritized my weeks, I have scheduled time to write my blogs and do my training videos and I WILL DO THEM! I am tired of letting myself down.

And now I challenge you! What have you stopped doing that you need to climb back up and start doing again? Were you volunteering? Mentoring? Blogging? Posting motivational quotes? I challenge you to do something that you may not even know will effect people in ways you may never hear about. I dare you.

I’m also asking you, my followers, my support team, to hold me accountable. Call me out. If you don’t see a blog post or vlog or facebook live training, CALL ME OUT! I need that accountability.

And I promise, even though you may think no one is looking… someone is and they are thankful.

Keep up the good work and Happy Networking!

Just When You Think No One is Looking