Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So often I hear people say “What do you mean you bought a house with your friend and not with me?!” or “How did you not know I provided that service” or even “Well if I would have known … I would have used you” or the WORST is “Oh…I didn’t even think to use you”.

Those are some of the hardest, gut wrenching words to hear. We often get so wrapped up in our own worlds that we forget not everyone is living and breathing our business like we are. Of course we would like to assume that our friends and family think to use us first but that just doesn’t happen.

Did you know that the average person has 3 realtors in their own personal sphere of influence? And that’s just the average Joe…you and I who are active networks are surrounded by so many more professionals and industries.

So how can you help avoid losing out on referrals? My best tip… You ready… ASK FOR IT! You have to ask your friends and family for referrals. You have to remind them regularly that’s what you do for a living, what you do to feed your kids, and what you’re professionally trained to do.

Here’s some quick samples on asking:

  • Oh hey Aunt Jody, I see your friend’s kids are moving out, would you please introduce us so I can see if she needs help moving into a smaller home?
  • Hey Bob, I heard you say your client just bought a new home, would you mind introducing us so that I can help them with any plumbing needs they may have now or in the future.
  • Cindy, I want to introduce you to Ron because I think the two of you would be a great referral source and by the way, don’t forget I can also help both your clients out with their needs.
  • Kathy! Congrats on the baby, have you thought about moving to a larger home?
  • Tim, its been so nice working with you, do you have 2 contacts you can introduce me to next week?

Also…ask you friends and family to post testimonials about the work you do. They can tag you in them on Facebook and LinkedIN so all their friends see.

Just remember, if someone has used your services and was happy, they used them because they like you and if they like you they will not have a problem referring you, you just need to ask.

Happy Networking!

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Camera Shy, Don’t Fly

Alright, let’s admit it, we don’t post video blogs because we are camera shy…right? RIGHT? You know it, I know it. I’m totally guilty of this one. We always think we are too fat, or our hair doesn’t look right or that double chin just has to go!

Well… I have news for you… you (and I) still have that double chin in person!

Why are you hiding behind the camera when you can be in front of people and letting them get to know you…every wrinkle, pound and out of place hair! People don’t learn to trust you by hearing your voice, they learn by seeing your body language, by being drawn in by your smile and they even learn to love your quirky mistakes.

Live video (Facebook and Periscope) can be super scary, so try this… shoot a video just on your phone. Don’t go live, just practice, then practice again and again and again.

Here’s a few other tips:

  • Don’t read from a script. Write down a few bullet points if you must, but don’t read them
  • Don’t shoot while you’re driving. Or in your car at all…its very unprofessional
  • Its okay if you mess up, no one, I mean NO ONE shoots a perfect video every time
  • The more videos you shoot the more comfortable you get, so do them often
  • Keep them short and sweet, 2 -5 minutes at the most
  • HAVE FUN! The more “real” you are on camera the more people will get to know you and that will turn into great relationships

Happy Networking!

Camera Shy, Don’t Fly