But First… Coffee

Whether you are a morning person or night owl, we all have that prime time when we are high energy, personable and a delight to be around (most days). I am a morning person.

I’m at my best because I know I look good, the wind hasn’t messed up my hair.

I’ve eaten breakfast so I have a full tummy.

And the world of nonsense and disruptions has not affected me yet.

So, THIS is when its best for me to be networking. I’m on my toes, I’m not distracted, and for the most part, I’m a delight to be around.

When is your prime time to be networking? Really think about it? If you’re always rushed at the end of the day to make late afternoon appointments or you have to scoot out the door to pick up kids or maybe you’re the go-to who gets problem files no one could figure out at the end of the day. If that’s true, you shouldn’t leave your networking meetings until the end of the day because guess what…they won’t happen! OR you’ll be so sidetracked that it will be a waste of time.

Or maybe you need about 10 cups of coffee before anyone should approach you…well that probably means you shouldn’t start networking until maybe lunch time.

Point being, don’t force yourself to be a people person before you really are. Its rude to waste someone’s time when you’re not really all there. And no one wants to talk to someone who is grouchy, or half asleep, or completely distracted with the day’s turmoil. Plan your networking accordingly. If you’re a beast at knocking out files at a 8am, then leave the networking to the afternoons when you know you’ve taken care of things. If you’re like me and would rather be up and networking bright and early then dedicate the remainder of the day to office work, then hit up the day break coffee events and call it good.

Make the most of your delightfulness.

Happy Networking

But First… Coffee