Fire Your Clients

So often we are operating in starvation mode. Desperate for any clients, sales, projects and income. We are running on fumes chasing every lead and tease that comes our way. We are afraid to say no, terrified to walk away, worried that turning down a client would somehow ruin our business.

But do you ever stop and reflect on how much time you are wasting on chasing those prospects that lead to nowhere…or even worse… sucking the life out of you!

When you say Yes to someone, You are saying No to someone else.

Be careful who you chose to accept as a client. YES! You can accept your clients. This also means, you can turn down clients as well. Seriously consider what saying “yes” to this client means. What else will you be saying “no” to. Will you be turning down the opportunity to work with 3 awesome clients while you’re bending over backwards and busting your hump for this one? Will you be turning down better experiences and resume building contacts while you’re dealing with a fussy, ignorant, inconsiderate client?

Don’t be afraid to ‘just say no’. You do not have to answer every knock that comes to your door. And more importantly, its okay to shut that door even after you opened it. Just as your clients can fire you, you can fire your clients. Your time is worth more than you give yourself credit for. Don’t let others zap your time, and talents.

Its Okay…Fire Your Client!

Happy Networking!


Fire Your Clients