Just When You Think No One is Looking

Its so hard to stay “on” all the time. Between work, and family, and kids, and exercise, and friends, and goals, and yard work and that never-ending laundry…its so hard to keep up on a marketing plan. Its all fun and dandy in the beginning. Its exciting and motivating until….BUZZ.. the dryer is done and calling your name.

Believe me, I am just as guilty as you are as letting my marketing plans get pushed aside for so many reasons. I can give you the best advise and I won’t even follow it myself because well…its all about discipline and I think we all struggle a bit with that.

Think about it. Did you set goals at the beginning of the year? Did you make a dream board? Did you time block your marketing in your planner? Me too. Yet, off the wagon I fell and I fell hard! I have huge plans of finishing my book this year (did you even know I was writing one?). I have time blocked to write 1 blog post a week. I have a list of live training videos I want to record. Yet, there I sat, binge watching everything on Netflix I could find, probably, deep down, to avoid doing the hard work it takes to accomplish my goals.

There’s a little bit of fear that I have…the fear of success. I know it sounds dumb. But what if I really DO finish my book? Then what? What if I get called to do speeches and trainings. Or what if I don’t? Then what? There’s all sorts of excuses we all make for not taking those steps to accomplishing our goals.

Well… Just when you think no one is looking… you get a wake-up call. At least I did! A big one… actually 2 in about 2 week’s time!

First… I was at an event and I was complimenting someone on the great marketing she was doing. She was building a great presence, she was being consistent and I thought that was great. Then… she called me out. She probably didn’t realize she did, but she told me how I had motivated her to do all her marketing and politely said “when are you going to do another training”?

GULP~ I felt like an idiot! I had completely fell off the track and hadn’t even thought about getting back on! I had great excuses but none of them were good ones. I shook my head in shame (again, she probably didn’y even notice) and told myself… GIRL… get back up!

My second wake-up call came just last week. I ran into a colleague that made the jump and left his employer to start his own business. I was SO proud of him! I just knew he made the right decision and would be awesome. In the same breath of him sharing his news with me, he asked when I would be doing more trainings and when I would come speak to his new sales team. Again… my heart sunk a little. Here I had helped inspire him and then I stopped. Why would I do that?

My heart sunk because I had set out on a mission to help others and just when I didn’t know they were looking…I stopped. I made other things, unnecessary things a priority and I stopped helping others. How selfish!

These were the wake-up calls I needed!!! I have re-prioritized my weeks, I have scheduled time to write my blogs and do my training videos and I WILL DO THEM! I am tired of letting myself down.

And now I challenge you! What have you stopped doing that you need to climb back up and start doing again? Were you volunteering? Mentoring? Blogging? Posting motivational quotes? I challenge you to do something that you may not even know will effect people in ways you may never hear about. I dare you.

I’m also asking you, my followers, my support team, to hold me accountable. Call me out. If you don’t see a blog post or vlog or facebook live training, CALL ME OUT! I need that accountability.

And I promise, even though you may think no one is looking… someone is and they are thankful.

Keep up the good work and Happy Networking!

Just When You Think No One is Looking

But First… Coffee

Whether you are a morning person or night owl, we all have that prime time when we are high energy, personable and a delight to be around (most days). I am a morning person.

I’m at my best because I know I look good, the wind hasn’t messed up my hair.

I’ve eaten breakfast so I have a full tummy.

And the world of nonsense and disruptions has not affected me yet.

So, THIS is when its best for me to be networking. I’m on my toes, I’m not distracted, and for the most part, I’m a delight to be around.

When is your prime time to be networking? Really think about it? If you’re always rushed at the end of the day to make late afternoon appointments or you have to scoot out the door to pick up kids or maybe you’re the go-to who gets problem files no one could figure out at the end of the day. If that’s true, you shouldn’t leave your networking meetings until the end of the day because guess what…they won’t happen! OR you’ll be so sidetracked that it will be a waste of time.

Or maybe you need about 10 cups of coffee before anyone should approach you…well that probably means you shouldn’t start networking until maybe lunch time.

Point being, don’t force yourself to be a people person before you really are. Its rude to waste someone’s time when you’re not really all there. And no one wants to talk to someone who is grouchy, or half asleep, or completely distracted with the day’s turmoil. Plan your networking accordingly. If you’re a beast at knocking out files at a 8am, then leave the networking to the afternoons when you know you’ve taken care of things. If you’re like me and would rather be up and networking bright and early then dedicate the remainder of the day to office work, then hit up the day break coffee events and call it good.

Make the most of your delightfulness.

Happy Networking

But First… Coffee

Christmas Cups on November 2nd?!

As on most days, I pulled away from the local cafe with a warm coffee in my hands ready to enjoy some yummy caffeine. However, this morning I was caught off guard and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Today, November 2nd, I was handed my coffee in a Christmas cup. At first, I shook my head and was upset that we were focusing on Christmas already. But then, I read the cup;

  • Joy
  • Believe
  • Peace
  • Be Merry and Bright
  • I’m Thankful For…

And it got me thinking…”Why am I upset about a cup that’s reminding me to ‘Be Merry and Bright’”. And WHY don’t we have cups like this all year round? Why don’t we tell one another we love them, appreciate them, care for them, wish them good tidings, and send them hope and goodwill ALL YEAR LONG?!

Its so silly that we wait until November to be reminded to be Thankful. If you’re thankful, just say it! Even if its the middle of May! Share and spread goodwill even in June. And lord forbid you send someone a card telling them how much you are thankful in the middle of March.

In my book club yesterday, we discussed changing our thinking. Not focusing on the negative and just handling a situation with ease and grace and remaining positive (no matter how stupid the situation) And I think today, it worked. Why be upset with something so positive? Change your thinking and change your day.

So, to everyone reading this… Have a super awesome day! I am so very thankful to all of you who read and support my blog. And I do hope that you will find and share goodwill today.

Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley

Christmas Cups on November 2nd?!

Is It Really All About “The Little Things” That Matter?

YES! It really is! It really truly is all about the little things that matter when it comes to growing your business and keeping referral relationships. I work every single day with agents and I always ask them “what matters most” and 99% of the time their answer is “communication”. This week, I saved a relationship solely on the fact that our communication is better.

Here’s just a few tips, that I know you’ve heard before, to keep your relationships going. (These are real estate specific, but you can easily adjust for your specific industry, change Agent to Client) Hopefully this is a reminder, or trigger, to help you make a difference in today’s competitive industry:

  1. Call With Updates; Even if there’s no update. Agents want you to know that you are working on their files, all the time. Even if you think your client is updated, make sure the agent has the same update
  2. Touch Base; Just to touch base. Pick up the phone and call people. I know it sounds scary, but just do it. Tell them Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Hump Day, Congrats on your closing, Thank you for that referral, How was your weekend, How was your trip, I miss you.
  3. Rewarding Referrals. Immediately after the referral is given, whether or not the referral does business with you. Write a handwritten note thanking them. Then keep them updated if the referral does pan out and send them another thank you when you close business with the referral.
  4. Answer The Phone; Return Phone Calls. Unless you’re with someone, or at a meeting, answer your phone when they call. Stop what you are doing and give them the attention they deserve.
  5. Education is Everything. Share your knowledge. Even if it’s not business specific. Maybe you learned a new facebook ad hack, or maybe you learned a new term, or maybe you have a new program you can bring to them. Show them that you are always learning and growing and willing to share.
  6. Inclusion. Invite them to your events, team outings, happy hour, golf course or just grab coffee. Get to know them and their family. Make your relationship personal.
  7. Most importantly, Be Genuine. Seriously. You can sniff out a fake and so can they. If you truly want a relationship with this person then show it. Be you. Be real.


Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley, Marketing Coordinator

Is It Really All About “The Little Things” That Matter?


Social media is a HUGE monster! There’s so much to know, manage and create. But if there’s one thing I can help you focus on, it’s the fact that Likes are Lazy. What does that mean?

The entire point of social media is to create interaction; to build relationships with people. When you can get people to interact with you on social media it opens the door for you to start conversations and make a connection with them. PLUS when someone interacts (comments) on your social media, all their friends now see it as well.

So here’s some tips for getting people to do more than just LIKE your posts:

  1. Ask Questions: the #1 reason why people don’t comment on your posts is because they don’t know they can. So ask something that will spark convo; “What’s your favorite…” “Would you like this…” “How would you…” “Which on of these do you like best…”
  2. Run a Contest: everyone that comments with their favorite _____ gets entered into a drawing for a free ____
  3. Fill in the blank posts: Picture of a dog making a weird face… “Caption This”
  4. Guess Stats: Can you guess how many visitors visit Mt Rushmore per year?
  5. Tag You’re It: “Tag a friend who…”
  6. Photo Contest: Comment below with a picture of your dog
  7. Where’s Waldo: “Can you guess where this picture was taken”

Think outside the box. And don’t, DO NOT forget to reply to comments and interact with those taking the time to comment on your posts.

Have fun with it!

Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley


Go Ahead, Brag a Little

One thing I often hear from folks is “I don’t want to bug my friends with my business” or “I’m not one to brag about myself” however, I try to remind people daily that

Successful people want to do business with successful people.

This is why you need to share your successes. Reminding your sphere that you are good at what you do is totally acceptable. That’s probably why they are in your sphere in the first place.

Here’s some ideas of ways to brag about yourself in a successful way:

  • Post a picture of your closings or completion of transactions
  • Share reviews or testimonials you receive, make sure to thank the person giving the review
  • Post a picture of awards or achievements you’ve received and thank those who have helped make it happen
  • Share when you have completed a goal; personal or business
  • Invite others to join you in hitting goals or set a mission statement into action
  • “Check In” on social media when you are working on training or building your business
  • Keep track of your success. How many people have you help? How quickly do you solve their problems? How much business have you been able to refer out? The SHARE those numbers!

Success is contagious, share it!

Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley, Marketing Coordinator

Go Ahead, Brag a Little

Always Be Learning

Coming from a girl that thinks she “knows her shit”, I am often reminded that I really don’t.

Here’s where I am coming from; I teach classes on marketing and social media. I consult and guide business owners on different marketing paths. I’m always networking and often get called the “Networking Queen”. I often get told “well you probably already know this but…”.

But here’s the truth: Everything is always changing. Always. We should always be learning. From one another, from the professionals, from life experiences, from your peers, from your competitors and whenever, wherever you can. This means keeping your eyes and ears open. Always catching some little difference that someone is making in their business that makes them stand out. Is it something you can implement?

This also means taking advantage of learning opportunities that come your way. Attend conferences and conventions. Meet with others in your sphere and ask questions. Watch webinars. Listen to podcasts. Even if you think you know everything about a specific topic, listen anyway, you may be surprised.

I love learning in a fun environment (I’m not much for the lecture settings) and always take lots of notes. I then go back and type up those notes, it helps me retain what I’ve already soaked in. Plus then, I have the notes handy to share with others as needed. Sharing your knowledge, is a big part of the Always be Learning circle.

Go forth. Stay humble. Soak in Life.

Happy Networking!
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Amy Dritley
Marketing Coordinator

Always Be Learning

I Need Help!!

So, today’s blog post is a two for one! I’m going too use this blog to demonstrate its purpose. Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m not that fancy. I have a great topic to talk about but by the end, I want you involved.

Today, I’m going to talk about asking for help. Some see it as a moment of weakness. Some as a failure. Some see it as a breakdown in their ability. But the truth is, we can’t do it all. I know, I know, we all think we can, but we can’t. Let’s be real with ourselves.

Sometimes getting help in your business means hiring help at home. Lawncare. Cleaning services. Laundry services. This allows you extra time in your day to focus on things that really matter, like family.

Getting help doesn’t always mean spending money on hiring someone. Sometimes asking for help can lend to open doors. If you had a business partner or referral partner taking a few extra minutes to do an introduction email to new business, how amazing would that be? And could mean less time spent cold calling.

The task at hand tho, it actually asking for that help. Or sometimes, even just accepting help others are offering. Most people are in your same, or relateable position. They’ve experienced these struggles and want to help you. You just have to ask.

And here is my ask for help. I love writing these blogs, but I need to know what you love hearing about. So I am asking you to give me networking or business growth topics that you would like to hear about. In you doing this, giving me ideas for my blog, it will save me time brainstorming and/or researching topics. So thanks in advance for your help on this.

So to sum it up, take help that has been offered. Ask for help when needed. Think outside the box and find others who you can help in mutually beneficial ways.

Good luck and Happy Networking!

**Don’t forget to leave a comment of a topic!

Amy Dritley




I Need Help!!

App of The Month: WordSwag


Click. Post. Gone! Do you have photos of your listings wandering around social media without your information on them? Do you have more you want to say than just the photo? Then the App WordSwag is for you!

Plain and Simple, WordSwag is an App for both IOS and Android that lets you place text, logos, and photos on top of current photos.

I was introduced to this app a year ago and didn’t really start using it until recently, because sometimes you don’t even know why you should be using it. So here’s MY tips on how to use this App to help your business:

  • Take a photo of your listing, use WordSwag to place your logo and contact information on top of the photo
  • Take a photo of a SOLD listing and place the words “SOLD” on it, show people you’re selling homes
  • Take a picture of your team and place a motivational quote on top
  • Easily Combine two pictures
  • Place the neighborhood info or major selling point info
  • Write your #hashtag on your photos
  • Add open house date/times to the photo

This app runs $3.99-$5.99 and worth it….if you use it! Have fun!

Happy Networking

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App of The Month: WordSwag

Respecting Referrals

At this morning’s networking meeting, we all went on a little rant about respecting referrals that were being passed between ourselves and others. It seems anymore that although most people love getting referrals, they are not very good at acknowledging them. We all get busy, and want to take care of that referral right away, which is great, however I find myself referring less and less to those that don’t communicate with me when I send them a referral.

So to keep you respecting referrals, and not losing out on any, here are some tips I have:

  1. Immediately following the receipt of a referral, (whether they use you or not) send a hand-written thank you to the sender. Maybe include a little $5 coffee gift card
  2. Immediately after receiving the referred’s info, contact them and let them know how you received their name.
  3. Communicate with your referral partner
    1. Having trouble getting a hold of the client?
    2. Was able to help them
    3. Was not able to help them
    4. They sent you a referral
  4. Teach your referral partners what makes a good referral, ‘Trim Out The Fat’
  5. If you have been referred to someone, communicate and let them know if it was a success, hand write a thank you if it was a great fit
  6. Place referred business at the TOP of your priority list. This is the cheapest, easiest business to get, so treat it with GOLD to keep it coming.
  7. Follow the basic rule: Treat Referrals How You Would Like To Be Treated
  8. Refer back. This is the best way to repay the referring partner and keep more coming
  9. Give before you receive.
  10. Share about how awesome your referral partners are. Make it public, post on FB, write them a review on LinkedIn, send a Snap about them etc…

Referral Business is THE BEST way to grow to your business, take care of it and keep it coming!

Happy Networking

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Respecting Referrals