I Need Help!!

So, today’s blog post is a two for one! I’m going too use this blog to demonstrate its purpose. Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m not that fancy. I have a great topic to talk about but by the end, I want you involved.

Today, I’m going to talk about asking for help. Some see it as a moment of weakness. Some as a failure. Some see it as a breakdown in their ability. But the truth is, we can’t do it all. I know, I know, we all think we can, but we can’t. Let’s be real with ourselves.

Sometimes getting help in your business means hiring help at home. Lawncare. Cleaning services. Laundry services. This allows you extra time in your day to focus on things that really matter, like family.

Getting help doesn’t always mean spending money on hiring someone. Sometimes asking for help can lend to open doors. If you had a business partner or referral partner taking a few extra minutes to do an introduction email to new business, how amazing would that be? And could mean less time spent cold calling.

The task at hand tho, it actually asking for that help. Or sometimes, even just accepting help others are offering. Most people are in your same, or relateable position. They’ve experienced these struggles and want to help you. You just have to ask.

And here is my ask for help. I love writing these blogs, but I need to know what you love hearing about. So I am asking you to give me networking or business growth topics that you would like to hear about. In you doing this, giving me ideas for my blog, it will save me time brainstorming and/or researching topics. So thanks in advance for your help on this.

So to sum it up, take help that has been offered. Ask for help when needed. Think outside the box and find others who you can help in mutually beneficial ways.

Good luck and Happy Networking!

**Don’t forget to leave a comment of a topic!

Amy Dritley




I Need Help!!

App of The Month: WordSwag


Click. Post. Gone! Do you have photos of your listings wandering around social media without your information on them? Do you have more you want to say than just the photo? Then the App WordSwag is for you!

Plain and Simple, WordSwag is an App for both IOS and Android that lets you place text, logos, and photos on top of current photos.

I was introduced to this app a year ago and didn’t really start using it until recently, because sometimes you don’t even know why you should be using it. So here’s MY tips on how to use this App to help your business:

  • Take a photo of your listing, use WordSwag to place your logo and contact information on top of the photo
  • Take a photo of a SOLD listing and place the words “SOLD” on it, show people you’re selling homes
  • Take a picture of your team and place a motivational quote on top
  • Easily Combine two pictures
  • Place the neighborhood info or major selling point info
  • Write your #hashtag on your photos
  • Add open house date/times to the photo

This app runs $3.99-$5.99 and worth it….if you use it! Have fun!

Happy Networking

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App of The Month: WordSwag

Respecting Referrals

At this morning’s networking meeting, we all went on a little rant about respecting referrals that were being passed between ourselves and others. It seems anymore that although most people love getting referrals, they are not very good at acknowledging them. We all get busy, and want to take care of that referral right away, which is great, however I find myself referring less and less to those that don’t communicate with me when I send them a referral.

So to keep you respecting referrals, and not losing out on any, here are some tips I have:

  1. Immediately following the receipt of a referral, (whether they use you or not) send a hand-written thank you to the sender. Maybe include a little $5 coffee gift card
  2. Immediately after receiving the referred’s info, contact them and let them know how you received their name.
  3. Communicate with your referral partner
    1. Having trouble getting a hold of the client?
    2. Was able to help them
    3. Was not able to help them
    4. They sent you a referral
  4. Teach your referral partners what makes a good referral, ‘Trim Out The Fat’
  5. If you have been referred to someone, communicate and let them know if it was a success, hand write a thank you if it was a great fit
  6. Place referred business at the TOP of your priority list. This is the cheapest, easiest business to get, so treat it with GOLD to keep it coming.
  7. Follow the basic rule: Treat Referrals How You Would Like To Be Treated
  8. Refer back. This is the best way to repay the referring partner and keep more coming
  9. Give before you receive.
  10. Share about how awesome your referral partners are. Make it public, post on FB, write them a review on LinkedIn, send a Snap about them etc…

Referral Business is THE BEST way to grow to your business, take care of it and keep it coming!

Happy Networking

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Respecting Referrals

Are You A Secret Agent?

Did you know that Facebook and LinkedIN are 2 of the most searched online engines next to Google and Bing? What does that mean for you? It means that in today’s social society, if people cannot find you on LinkedIN or Facebook you do not exist. I could go on for days about optimizing your profiles, but today lets just start and make sure you have the basics down.

  1. Make sure your profiles are public. Check your privacy settings. This does not mean all your posts have to be public, but make sure the ones regarding your business are. On each post you make you can use the drop down arrow and change if its public or not. (Note, if you’re posting stuff you don’t want your clients to see…should you really be posting it?)
  2. List your contact information as public. Allow people to be able to reach out and contact you if they want. This includes your phone number, websites and email. Go into your About section and hover over each section, make changes to be public.
  3. Have a CURRENT profile picture…of YOU! Not the dog, not your new car, not your logo. Clients want to see what you look like and want to verify they are contacting the right person.

I hope these tips help increase your online exposure this year!

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Are You A Secret Agent?

Mileage Tracking for 2017 Made Easy

To put it plain and simple, tracking our expenses is a pain in the butt! One of the hardest for me is my mileage. I’ve tried notebooks in the car to write on…then I lose them. I’ve tried recording it on my calendar and then I forget. I’ve spent years losing out on mileage write-offs.

But recently, I have discovered MileIQ. Its an app on your phone (Apple Store and Google Play) that tracks your mileage for you. And best part is… Its Simple!!!

The phone detects movement/acceleration and each time you stop, the app will pop up and ask you if your trip was for business or personal. You just swipe right or left to categorize it and Voila! You’re Done! The app will email you monthly with your totals in a downloadable spreadsheet. You can even go back in and re-categorize ones you may have missed.

It can even go into more depth and you can add expenses and notes to that trip… Its really a pretty awesome system.

The cost is also very affordable, especially when you consider how many headaches you’ll be saving! $59.99/year or $5.99/month. The free version only allows 40 trips/logs and we all know we drive way more than that! One warning I do have, is it runs constantly in the background so it will use your battery more than you may be used to, so when you’re on vacation or taking time off I suggest turning the notifications off…just don’t forget to turn them back on when you’re back at work.

I hope this helps you a little and saves you money with Uncle Sam in 2017!

Amy Dritley, Marketing Coordinator
Peoples Mortgage Company

Mileage Tracking for 2017 Made Easy

Keep The Routine Running

Oh its the most wonderful time of the year! For most of us its a scramble of time management between handling family in town, kids out of school, crazy shopping malls and travel plans.

Its also a slower time in our business. You may think this means its a time to sit back, chill, relax and enjoy the down time. Ha! You’re wrong! Why would you stop your daily routines now? It should actually be EASIER to do the things you’re supposed to be doing now, when you’re not putting out fires. Now is the time to focus on all the relationship building and goal setting projects you’ve been doing or wanting to do this past year.

During this time, keep your routine running…maybe even kick it up a notch. This is the perfect time to engage your business partners more; set up double the amount of lunch and coffee dates than you normally do. Get out of your office and pop into others. Hand write your holiday cards with personal messages. Double or triple the amount of prospect calls you normally make. Take advantage of the “slow” time and build up your business. Everything you do today is feeding your pipeline for January and February…I’m sure you’d like a check those months, right?

Find an accountability partner and keep each other accountable! Make those calls, schedule those sit downs. Start your year off strong!

Happy Networking!

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Keep The Routine Running

Time Flys When You’re Learning Lessons

I can not believe it has been 1 year since switching careers to the real estate industry. This transition was one of the scariest times in my life. I was leaving an organization I had helped run for the last 5 years, I was becoming a full-time employee instead of a contract worker and I was entering an industry I knew very little about. All I knew was that I was ready for a change and was going to be working with some pretty awesome people.

Its been a pretty great year of lessons. Ones I’ve learned from mistakes, ones from mentors, a few from my son and even a few from my enemies. But all in all, its made the year fly by and I wouldn’t change a thing.

So I thought I would share a few of those lessons and maybe they will come in handy for you in 2017;

  1. Ask questions. If you’re trying to see a situation from another person’s view. If you’re trying to get them to see your view. If you just don’t understand why someone would or would not do something. Repeat their answers back to them, people don’t always communicate what they are really trying to say.
  2. Pick your battles. Those that want help will take it, those that don’t won’t. You can’t force yourself on others if they are not ready to allow you in. This includes 9 year old boys that just can’t seem to wrap their head around folding laundry the right way.
  3. Be a resource. Be there for people in as many ways as possible. Even if their need is not income producing for you right now, help them find a solution and they will remember you.
  4. Approach with caution. Its fun to jump right in and be a part of something, but it may not always be the right something. Do a little digging first and make sure its worth your time. This is helpful when looking at joining organizations, clubs, affiliations, volunteering and even PTOs.
  5. Only wear one face. Be you, and only you. Don’t change your morals, opinions and character depending on who you’re trying to please at the time. People will respect you for this.
  6. Trust is earned not given. Much like respect, you may have to do a little leg work and prove your loyalty. Even when you think its understood don’t assume. Prove.
  7. Less is more. When typing an email. When responding to a situation. When leaving a voicemail. Leave out any words that may be questioned or turned around. Get to the point.
  8. Momentum creates momentum. Keep going. Don’t give up. Set a goal…hit it and hit it again and again and again. Use time management systems to work on your goal every single day. Do little things that no one else is doing. Thank those that are helping you hit your goals. Create bigger goals.
  9. Clean your sphere. Surround yourself with positive people. Duh, I know. But sometimes you don’t even see the negative blood suckers around you.  Keep out the ones that bring you down, or lie, or don’t add to your success.  Then…embrace your biggest cheerleaders. Lift each other up. Motivate one another. Build you’re own support system.
  10. Have Fun. Whatever you do, however you’re doing it, if you’re not having fun its a waste of your short, sweet life. Make a change and move forward.

Well there you go, I narrowed it down to 10. I could go on and on. But looking back now, what I have truly learned is that if you stop learning and having life experiences you may as well roll over and give up. Cuz ain’t no body got time for that.

Happy Networking!

Time Flys When You’re Learning Lessons