Always Be Learning

Coming from a girl that thinks she “knows her shit”, I am often reminded that I really don’t.

Here’s where I am coming from; I teach classes on marketing and social media. I consult and guide business owners on different marketing paths. I’m always networking and often get called the “Networking Queen”. I often get told “well you probably already know this but…”.

But here’s the truth: Everything is always changing. Always. We should always be learning. From one another, from the professionals, from life experiences, from your peers, from your competitors and whenever, wherever you can. This means keeping your eyes and ears open. Always catching some little difference that someone is making in their business that makes them stand out. Is it something you can implement?

This also means taking advantage of learning opportunitiesĀ that come your way. Attend conferences and conventions. Meet with others in your sphere and ask questions. Watch webinars. Listen to podcasts. Even if you think you know everything about a specific topic, listen anyway, you may be surprised.

I love learning in a fun environment (I’m not much for the lecture settings) and always take lots of notes. I then go back and type up those notes, it helps me retain what I’ve already soaked in. Plus then, I have the notes handy to share with others as needed. Sharing your knowledge, is a big part of the Always be Learning circle.

Go forth. Stay humble. Soak in Life.

Happy Networking!
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Amy Dritley
Marketing Coordinator

Always Be Learning

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