Social media is a HUGE monster! There’s so much to know, manage and create. But if there’s one thing I can help you focus on, it’s the fact that Likes are Lazy. What does that mean?

The entire point of social media is to create interaction; to build relationships with people. When you can get people to interact with you on social media it opens the door for you to start conversations and make a connection with them. PLUS when someone interacts (comments) on your social media, all their friends now see it as well.

So here’s some tips for getting people to do more than just LIKE your posts:

  1. Ask Questions: the #1 reason why people don’t comment on your posts is because they don’t know they can. So ask something that will spark convo; “What’s your favorite…” “Would you like this…” “How would you…” “Which on of these do you like best…”
  2. Run a Contest: everyone that comments with their favorite _____ gets entered into a drawing for a free ____
  3. Fill in the blank posts: Picture of a dog making a weird face… “Caption This”
  4. Guess Stats: Can you guess how many visitors visit Mt Rushmore per year?
  5. Tag You’re It: “Tag a friend who…”
  6. Photo Contest: Comment below with a picture of your dog
  7. Where’s Waldo: “Can you guess where this picture was taken”

Think outside the box. And don’t, DO NOT forget to reply to comments and interact with those taking the time to comment on your posts.

Have fun with it!

Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley