Christmas Cups on November 2nd?!

As on most days, I pulled away from the local cafe with a warm coffee in my hands ready to enjoy some yummy caffeine. However, this morning I was caught off guard and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Today, November 2nd, I was handed my coffee in a Christmas cup. At first, I shook my head and was upset that we were focusing on Christmas already. But then, I read the cup;

  • Joy
  • Believe
  • Peace
  • Be Merry and Bright
  • I’m Thankful For…

And it got me thinking…”Why am I upset about a cup that’s reminding me to ‘Be Merry and Bright’”. And WHY don’t we have cups like this all year round? Why don’t we tell one another we love them, appreciate them, care for them, wish them good tidings, and send them hope and goodwill ALL YEAR LONG?!

Its so silly that we wait until November to be reminded to be Thankful. If you’re thankful, just say it! Even if its the middle of May! Share and spread goodwill even in June. And lord forbid you send someone a card telling them how much you are thankful in the middle of March.

In my book club yesterday, we discussed changing our thinking. Not focusing on the negative and just handling a situation with ease and grace and remaining positive (no matter how stupid the situation) And I think today, it worked. Why be upset with something so positive? Change your thinking and change your day.

So, to everyone reading this… Have a super awesome day! I am so very thankful to all of you who read and support my blog. And I do hope that you will find and share goodwill today.

Happy Networking!
Amy Dritley

Christmas Cups on November 2nd?!