Camera Shy, Don’t Fly

Alright, let’s admit it, we don’t post video blogs because we are camera shy…right? RIGHT? You know it, I know it. I’m totally guilty of this one. We always think we are too fat, or our hair doesn’t look right or that double chin just has to go!

Well… I have news for you… you (and I) still have that double chin in person!

Why are you hiding behind the camera when you can be in front of people and letting them get to know you…every wrinkle, pound and out of place hair! People don’t learn to trust you by hearing your voice, they learn by seeing your body language, by being drawn in by your smile and they even learn to love your quirky mistakes.

Live video (Facebook and Periscope) can be super scary, so try this… shoot a video just on your phone. Don’t go live, just practice, then practice again and again and again.

Here’s a few other tips:

  • Don’t read from a script. Write down a few bullet points if you must, but don’t read them
  • Don’t shoot while you’re driving. Or in your car at all…its very unprofessional
  • Its okay if you mess up, no one, I mean NO ONE shoots a perfect video every time
  • The more videos you shoot the more comfortable you get, so do them often
  • Keep them short and sweet, 2 -5 minutes at the most
  • HAVE FUN! The more “real” you are on camera the more people will get to know you and that will turn into great relationships

Happy Networking!

Camera Shy, Don’t Fly

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