Are You A Secret Agent?

Did you know that Facebook and LinkedIN are 2 of the most searched online engines next to Google and Bing? What does that mean for you? It means that in today’s social society, if people cannot find you on LinkedIN or Facebook you do not exist. I could go on for days about optimizing your profiles, but today lets just start and make sure you have the basics down.

  1. Make sure your profiles are public. Check your privacy settings. This does not mean all your posts have to be public, but make sure the ones regarding your business are. On each post you make you can use the drop down arrow and change if its public or not. (Note, if you’re posting stuff you don’t want your clients to see…should you really be posting it?)
  2. List your contact information as public. Allow people to be able to reach out and contact you if they want. This includes your phone number, websites and email. Go into your About section and hover over each section, make changes to be public.
  3. Have a CURRENT profile picture…of YOU! Not the dog, not your new car, not your logo. Clients want to see what you look like and want to verify they are contacting the right person.

I hope these tips help increase your online exposure this year!

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Are You A Secret Agent?

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