Build Yourself a Support System

We has adult humans, and especially us females, have a very hard time asking for help. We feel that asking for help makes us less, or weak, or incapable, or incompetent. When in fact, asking for help makes us stronger and more successful.

Sometimes I think the road block we hit is actually using the word ‘help’. Here’s some tips to taking that step and getting the support you need.

  • Build a support team. Surround yourself with people that you are able to help and that can help you. These can be people in completely different fields that can bring outside knowledge or find those you can trust that are in your same industry that can share knowledge and experiences you have yet to conquer.
  • Start using the word ‘Team’. You’ll find find it easier to ask your ‘teammate’ for help than anyone else. Because, well isn’t that what teams do?
  • Help others first. If you become a resource to others they will be asking to help you in return. Catch here tho…don’t turn down their help!
  • Keep your goals in mind. If you need an assistant, or partner to achieve your goals, do it! There will be learning curves and growth pains and communication struggles but in the long term it will pay off.
  • You can’t clone yourself, so don’t expect to find help that is just like you. Find someone that is like minded, but brings other skills to the table. Someone that compliments you but will also put you in your place if needed.
  • Let go. Just do it. You can’t help yourself if you don’t learn to delegate. You’re just spinning your wheels and not moving up in the world if you think you can do it all yourself. If you want to grow, you have to let go.
  • Help comes in all shapes a sizes. It may not be an assistant at the office, maybe its someone to clean your house, or pick up your kids, or cook for you, or run errands, or watch your kids so you can have date night. Make a list, find out where you really could use an extra hand to achieve your goals.

Hope this helps on your path to growing your success.

Happy Networking!


Build Yourself a Support System

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