Where Did You Come From?

Do me a favor, stop, think back about how you got to where you are today. Who connected you to your current situation? How did you meet that person? Was it a connection you made years ago because of a random introduction? Who has played roles in your life that may have seemed insignificant yet now seem so crucial?

Example: I am in my role today because of an introduction to a fabulous loan officer I met at a referral group that I was literally drug to by a business affiliate I barely knew 6 years ago!

Don’t forget where you came from. Whether that person is still in your life or not, or maybe has changed roles, they still helped you get to where you came from. Don’t forget to stop and be grateful for people who have come into your life, for whatever reasons.

This goes too for your clients. How did you get that last deal? Was it a referral? Was it a connection from a connection? Make sure to reach out and thank people for making that connection for you…even years later. It will mean a lot and could mean even more with them sending you more connections.

Think about it… wouldn’t you LOVE knowing that something you did made a difference in someones’ life? (even years later)

Happy Networking!

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Where Did You Come From?

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