Staying Busy to Stay Busy

So this week’s post is a little bias, its coming from a gal once known as ‘The Networking Queen’. From someone who built her reputation and business as  the girl who was ‘everywhere’. And someone who LOVES networking. But really people, networking is a necessary evil in today’s business.

The words that make me cringe the most are “I’m too busy to network”. You know why you’re too busy…because you were networking 6 months ago to get that business! If you don’t network today you won’t stay busy 6 months from now. Networking is not about getting a referral today, its about building relationships with those that bring you referrals tomorrow, and next month and next year.

Networking should be a large part of your business plan. No matter how ‘busy’ you get. Keep it up. Its okay to limit it, and focus on your best ROI networking events, but don’t stop or your paychecks will too.

So stay busy to keep staying busy my friends!

Happy Networking

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Staying Busy to Stay Busy

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