LinkedIN Tips

I was honored with the opportunity to present LinkedIN 101 to a room of college administrators this week and thought I would take some of that presentation and pass the cliff notes on to you.

Most of us HAVE LinkedIN but not many of us USE LinkedIN. Whether you use it regularly or not, here’s some basic tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure all your contact information and work experience is up to date
    • Check phone numbers, email, blog links and other websites
  • Respond to messages as you would any others
    • Have the app on your phone so you can get immediate notifications
  • Status Updates
    • Updates go out to newsfeeds but do not stay on your profile history
    • Share knowledge, its not always all about you or your business
  • Posts
    • A post stays on your profile for others read in the future
    • You can see stats on how many people read, liked, commented and shared your post
    • Treat a post like you would a blog post or article
  • Groups
    • Join and be active in groups
    • Share knowledge, present yourself as the expert in your field
  • Give to Receive
    • Write recommendations for others and ask them to do the same
    • Introduce connections to show that you’re a great resource
  • Know Who You’re Meeting
    • Look up the person you’re having coffee with to learn more about them
    • See what they look like
    • Impress them with a few fun facts you know about them
  • Stay On Top Of Things
    • Keep your experience and photo updated
    • Congratulate people on job changes and anniversaries
    • Log in and browse your feed at least once a week

Feel free to contact me for more tips or for more information on my presentation.

Happy Networking!

LinkedIN Tips

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