Who Is This?

Today’s tip is a little less networking and little more organizing.

Have you ever received that call or text that’s just a number…no name? And you’re like…do I answer? Should I answer? You get that pit feeling in your stomach when you think of stopping what you’re doing to answer it. Or worse, you answer the call with your regular “hello” script and the person on the other end replies with “wth! Why don’t you have me saved in your phone?”

Avoid both these situations TODAY! Stop what you’re doing and go into your phone and find every text that doesn’t have a name assigned to it and save their name. Go through your voicemails and save those contacts.

Then get in a habit of saving those contacts EVERY SINGLE time you get a new one. I promise you’ll thank me.

Want to take it even one step further? Save your contacts first name with a reference of how you know them. Example: I save all my realtors like this REALTOR Casanova Brooks so then I automatically know when my phone rings who he is, how I know him and if I want to answer my phone or not. (I also started adding a fun emoji for some contacts too, like a house, so their name stands out even more)

ALSO once I save all my contacts like this, if I have a text I want to send to all my realtors I just sort my contacts by “REALTOR” and there they all are. I don’t have to think over and over about hmmmm who do I have in my phone.

This may sound time consuming, but I promise, you’ll enjoy it.

Happy Networking!


Who Is This?

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